On this page you can listen various songs in Syuba language. These songs were collected while doing language documentation and audios are about incidents happened in the past, humor and travelling. The purpose of language documentation is to completely preserve the Syuba language and their culture.

  • Girls Sarrows (Bibi Syuba, Duragaun-2, Ramechhap)

  • Didi Baini (Karma Syuba, Khosmire-9, Ramechhap))

  • Uncle's Doughter (Norpu Syuba, Duragaun-9, Ramechhap)

  • To Friend (Norpendo Syuba and Sharki Syuba,Duragaun-2, Ramechhap).mp3

  • Kathmandu Travelling(Bhaire Syuba, Duragaun-9, Ramechhap).mp3