These are Syuba stories in audio format. These stories tell about our history and life. You will find folk stories and modern stories as well here.

  • Forest Event (Sangbu Syuba, Duragaun-9, Ramechhap)

  • Fox Story (Sangita Syuba, Duragaun-9, Ramechhap)

  • Step Mother and The Son(Buddha Singh Syuba, Ramechhap)

  • Lazy(Phurba Temba Syua, Duragaun-4 Ramechhap).mp3

  • About Forfather(Larkel , Ramechhap).mp3

  • Life Story(Norsang Syuba, Ramechhap).mp3

  • Creation of world(Pasang Lama, Duragaun-2, Ramechhap ).mp3

  • About Beer (Dachhiring ,Fedi-9, Ramechhap).mp3